The 18 tech sites you aren't regularly perusing (but should)

The 18 tech sites you aren’t regularly perusing (but should be)

Yeah, I get it. You’re busy. So am I. You’ve probably got a family, job, responsibilities, oxygen consumption, etc… and so forth. Believe it or not, I AM sympathetic.

With that said, life just doesn’t stop, does it? And if you’re in a business that focuses on information and knowledge as one of your key products or services, then you need to get some-what “hip” to up and coming changes to the tech universe. I have an idea! Start with the following 18 outlets.

Keeping ourselves abreast of, at the very least, some of these changes keeps our head in the game on the technology side of our business. It’s about remaining relevant in today’s never-ending deluge of headlines … and headline seekers.

But fret not. This handy-dandy list is easy to peruse at your leisure. Some are probably more applicable than others as some of the tech sites or blogs get in the weeds on techy things, like coding and ioS vs. Android platforms. But many cover their respective sectors from the 30,000 foot level — a place you and I should be familiar with.

Without further ado, and in no particular order — your new reading list …

WIRED | TYPE: Magazine/Online | COVERS: Technology and Lifestyle 

ZDNet | TYPE: Online | COVERS: IT professionals and decision makers/CIOs 

TechCrunch | TYPE: Online | COVERS: Core technology information

Ars technica | TYPE: Online | COVERS: Tech news, tech policy, It professionals 

TheNextWeb | TYPE: Blog | COVERS: Business and culture related to technology 

CSO Online | TYPE: Online | COVERS: IT security, risk management, cyber crime 

Technorati | TYPE: Online/Blog | COVERS: Blogger enhancements, tech news 

Krebs on Security | TYPE: Online | COVERS: IT security news, cyber crime 

The Register | TYPE: Online | COVERS: IT, technology, and science news 

Dark Reading | TYPE: Online | COVERS: Security professionals, data protection, cyber threats, tech trends  

The Hacker News | TYPE: Online | COVERS: Cyber security, technologists, IT professionals 

ThreatPost | TYPE: Online | COVERS: IT and business security 

Fast Company | TYPE: Magazine/Online | COVERS: Business technology, amongst other things

Gizmodo | TYPE: Online | COVERS: Technology and science 

CNET | TYPE: Online | COVERS: Consumer technology 

VentureBeat | TYPE: Blog | COVERS: Technology innovation, tech research, C-level support 

Forbes Tech | TYPE: Magazine/Online | COVERS: Tech news, digital game changers 

Tech in Asia | TYPE: Online | COVERS: Tech startups in Asia 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels