Media Engagement

Whether you're looking to get some publicity for your business's grand opening, looking to get your brand noticed in national magazines, or connect with blogs to get noticed, we do media strategies.

Public Image

Who are you? NO, REALLY? It might surprise you. Because having a public image is all about customer perception.


Every business has a different communication need with drastically different desired outcomes. A marketing consultation can get your vision and ideas on paper -- and off to the races.

Digital Marketing

The endless world of marketing your business on the internet. E-mail, video, imagery, blogs, posts, tweets -- you name it, it all fits in a strategy. So -- what's yours?

Website Development and Hosting

It's 2020. If your business doesn't have a landing page optimized for SEO capabilities and eCommerce ready, you're losing customers. Together with out friends at Scroll Media, let's fix that.

Logo Creation

A logo isn't just something you slap together on Microsoft Paintbrush. Quality logos that morph the essence of your business into a memorable, graphical representation that stands the test of time.

First-Class Offerings

More than named services, you benefit from years of experience serving the federal government, the U.S. Air Force, and small businesses in effectively communicating with stakeholders.


What set's J Collier Communications apart is client support. Our aim is to provide large organization marketing and public relations effort at a fraction of the cost


Walk the walk. Our company leverages years of public relations and communication to set their client apart from the competition.


When it's time to communicate, all that matters is the follow through to achieve of end goals. We're committed to ensuring your business receives top-notch treatment.

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